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I graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy. I worked in the department History of Medicine and Ethics in Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine from 1980 from to 2016 when I retired. I am currently the Head of the Department of Medical History and Ethics at Medipol University. I have more than 40 articles, 7 Turkish and 1 English books on the rose.

My paths crossed with rose exactly 15 years ago. As a medical historian, during my research on Ottoman medicine, I was introduced to the therapeutic and healing properties of the rose. I am very excited about the therapeutic properties of rose in ancient medicine and the potential of being a drug in scientific research. I focused on my studies on this subject and began to research.

During this 15-year period, I have provided many consultancies to many companies on a better range of rose water and products that can be obtained from roses. I tried to announce the importance of Isparta rose at home and abroad. I began to produce in my own rose garden.

My goal is that this medicinal product, which I have produced using the ancient knowledge of traditional medicine and I know it is unique, has come to the place it deserves all over the world and leads to other manufacturers.

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